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Animals typically choose places that are hidden from the elements. Your chimney provides the best protection for small animals to live. Your chimney looks like a sturdy, hollow tree to most animals. Give Canterbury Chimney Sweep a call today, and animals won’t be a problem for you anymore. Our cages are made to capture animals without causing them any harm. When the animal has been safely removed from your chimney, we decide if it is healthy enough to be released back into the wild, away from your home. If the animal has any type of injury or health problems that threaten its survival in the wild, we will make sure that it is taken to the nearest animal hospital for treatment.

Homeowners may decide to handle the situation and come up with bad solutions. This is the incorrect way to take care of critters in your chimney, and it will only make matters worse. Do not light a fire to smoke out the animal. You will kill the animal inhumanely if you light a fire while it is in the chimney, and it will also create a smell that will stay inside your home for some time. The smell coming from the dead animal will stay in your home, even after the original animal problem has been taken care of. A critter that is still living can be easier to find inside a chimney. We are cautious during the removal process to prevent any type of injury happening to the animal.

Some animals can become ill when they live in your chimney and die. Dead animal decay can create many hazardous problems. Bugs and other critters that are attracted to the animal decay can cause many health problems for your family. Animal decay can attract different types of bugs into your home. If bugs move into your home, you will need to have a bug exterminator eradicate them. The longer animal decay stays in your chimney, the more problems can start to develop, and the more repair bills you will have to pay. Canterbury Chimney Sweep can give your chimney and fireplace a full cleaning and perform a fumigation to remove all animal decay.

The majority of the animals that move into chimneys are nocturnal. Nocturnal animals are very noisy at night. Critter noises can be a nuisance when you and your family are trying to sleep. Animals can get into your home while you and your family sleep. Critters can work very hard in trying to get inside your home, and you will not know because your and your family are sleeping. Animals with rabies walking inside your home while you sleep is the last thing you want. Critters can get into your attic just as easy as they can access your chimney. If the animal can get into your attic from your chimney, you will no longer working with a individual critter, but a much larger group of animals.

One of the main animals known to create chimney animal problems is a raccoon. The sharp claws of a raccoon can damage many parts of a chimney. A adult raccoon can weigh as much as 30 pounds and get 3 feet long. Raccoon mothers usually just have 2-4 offspring. Raccoon offspring are well protected from adult male raccoons inside of a chimney. To adult male raccoons, all raccoon offspring are considered future competition. Chimney animal problems should be taken care of quickly to avoid larger numbers of animal residence in the chimney. A raccoon mother can be very aggressive if she believes her offspring is in danger. Getting a professional to remove the raccoon from your chimney is the best way to avoid getting rabies. Scientific research has discovered that one-third to two-third of raccoons tested positive for rabies. The mother raccoon should always be removed with her offspring. The raccoon babies are unable to live on their own without their mother and will die in your chimney. Typically,a homeowner is able to capture a raccoon mother either by using a cage, rope, or some other type of capturing device. Unless you’re a trained professional, you will have a very difficult time capturing raccoon babies inside a chimney. Baby animals should never be left inside a chimney; call today to schedule an appointment to have Canterbury Chimney Sweep remove the animals safely.

Chimney swifts are known to carry a disease called histoplasmosis. Chimney swifts can fly many miles, so all homeowners are at risk of having them in their chimney. The chimney swift population is falling due to all the chimney caps installations happening nationwide. It is against the law to remove chimney swifts when its nest has eggs or babies. If you attempt to remove a chimney swift’s nest illegally, you could face a fine of up to $15,000. Breathing problems can occur from histoplasmosis caused by breathing in toxins contained in chimney swift fecal matter. Children are more prone to being affected by histoplasmosis.

Chimney animal problems can result in very dangerous situations. No one should try to remove an animal by on their own. Our professional technicians can handle all types of chimney animal problems. Our technicians know all the risks that are involved with animal removal and proper precedures to avoid any accidents during their appointments. Call Canterbury Chimney Sweep to have us visit your home and solve your chimney animal issues today. Ask us about our chimney caps to avoid future animal problems